Virtual Dungeon and Dance Fetish Party - November Edition


Who needs an online virtual dungeon and dance party? Get your gear and scene ready because KINK Fetish Nights are going online for our MONTHLY online DUNGEON and DANCE party! Bring your dungeon scene live and share with others while listening to the beats of our resident DJ, Rick Deacon! He will be playing live at PLUR HQ with our KINK crew joining in the fun! View our live broadcast and join the chat group on Just simply hit the link above, to join the event, after the event has started, and view fetish visuals with Rick Deacon taking over the beats. We will be sharing your scenes, with consent of course to our stream, so others can watch and join in just as you would be watching a dungeon scene at one of our fetish nights. If you don't want to share that's ok too, but of course you can still zoom your dance moves or scene and/or watch our stream at the same time. Would you like us to share your scene? Join our PRIVATE zoom meeting group; the link will be posted on our event page after the event is underway. Hold up, or prop up a sign, that says “please share” and your live scene will ALSO be shown virtually in our broadcast. Click *****Purchase Ticket***** to be directed to the facebook event page. This event is FREE to attend.

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