PLUR Mad Hatter Kinky Play Party - 10 Year Anniversary!


PLUR Mad Hatter Kinky Play Party - 10 Year Anniversary! It has been 10 years since PLUR first opened its doors at a place called CLUB8X6. Run by Zoll Rushton, it was the only private club in Vancouver to ever be legally licensed as a sex-on-premise venue and was a pilot project for the city. Vancouver has long had a history of thriving alternative scenes with the fetish, burner, LGBTQ+, raver, and swinger communities all present.

But until CLUB8X6, there was no place where everyone could come together. It was here that PLUR was born. As the newest and only production event company striving to cultivate the growing sex-positive revolution, PLUR focused on building a collective community around sex on-premise events. The name, PLUR, comes from Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, and to this day represents the values we try to uphold with all of our events.

PLUR just does it right.

With 10 years behind us we have grown to be known for producing high-quality, successful, safe, and consensual events for our always-growing Vancouver community, and are still pushing to find more ways that we can continue improving. 10 years ago, with his infectious energy, positive attitude, and sexy outfits Scottyhotty's (Scotty Kruz) notoriety in the fetish scene began to grow.

This was when he saw the need for a new type of event in Vancouver, and teamed up with new upcoming local Dj - MarkusEdge. Together they collaborated thoughts and launch the first ever "Mad Hatter Kinky Play Party". The event was a massive success and after a year of events under PLUR's belt, the two decided to end their collaboration, with ScottyHotty taking PLUR as his own to the heights it's reached today.

PLUR has always been about celebrating communities, which is why until now we have yet to do a single "anniversary" party, but this year feels different. 10 years is a huge milestone for us, and so we hope you join us this May and celebrate in the best way we know how, with the most kickass party in the city!!

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