PLUR MANSION PARTY - New Moon Experience


April 29th - PLUR MANSION NEW MOON PARTY! Welcome to our PLUR Mansion event series of events for 2023!

 We are excited to offer a new theme for this party... Our first-ever New Moon Party! PLUR has 10 years of creating alternative sex on premise cultured events and going strong!

What is a new moon party you ask? Every month, the Universe gives us a little present. One so small it may be easily missed, and unnoticed. This lovely present is, of course, the new moon, and it happens every 28-30 days. The new moon marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle and often brings with it an array of new beginnings and connections. Aligned this energy in an intimate party gathering tending to create new friends and reconnect with others, and consciously embracing the new moon’s fresh energy can allow you to propel those transitions even further! Let's GLOW and CONNECT together!

PLUR Mansion Decor: This time the PLUR Mansion will be fully lit with UV lighting in all rooms, spaces, and hallways throughout the venue. We aim to bring the outdoors in with a touch of nature, converting the dance floor into an electric night forest theme, with starlight visuals, lasers, and black lighting to glow your outfits. We will have a glow painting artist for all to get painted in their best spiritual way, to shine and attract new connections and beginnings.

Costume theme suggestions: White and Gold, and anything that glows! Or bare-to-nothing minimum and experience our fabulous onsite body painting artist and share your body canvas with them.

We offer a kink-based QTBIPOC, non-binary, and expressions event so please come open-minded and above all respectful.

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